Information regarding transport

Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Most efficient and best price is to use NSB, Norwegian State Railway. The ticket also includes local tram/buss/metro from the railway station to the evnt center Haraldsheim Hostel. The ticket allows change to local traffic within 150min.

Take the train to “Nationaltheatere”. The metro station is very close by the railway station.

A map of the metro is available on this link:

Use the metro #5 Ringen or #4 Vestli

Leave at station “Sinsen”.

Travel from Torp Airport or Rygge Airport

NSB train by shuttle bus. You must my an additional ticket on the metro. Ticket price is 20NOK for adult and 10NOK for children.

Ask us if we are available and can pick your team up at the train station (Oslo S).

In case of trouble: Call +47 900 46 077